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Lisa Frost at the Glass House Mountians

Hi, my name's Lisa Frost and I am a fine art landscape and nature photographer, poet, writer and philosopher. I spent many years searching for my path in life. I went to University, worked in the IT industry, travelled, worked for my parents in their retail business, spent some time just faffing around trying to work it out until my money ran out, then ended up working in a photo lab and camera store.

I fully expected that one day I'd suddenly know what my path was – that clarity and knowledge would come quickly and easily. Maybe that's how it works for some people, but it certainly didn't work that way for me!

It happened gradually, bit by bit, piece by piece, until one day I looked around and realised that somehow I'd ended up on my path without even realising it. Now I look back and realise that I was actually on my path all along – how can any of us ever be otherwise? – for all that came before was perfect for me to be where I am today.

In truth it did come easily once I stopped struggling to find it and just allowed myself to do what I most enjoyed. Writing has always been a love of mine. All through high-school I fully expected I would be a writer one day. The only thing was I thought that meant writing a novel, so I thought I needed to wait until I found the necessary attention span (I still haven't found it!)

But I've always written little philosophical thoughts in journals and notebooks for myself – it just took me a while to see they could have value for people other than myself.

And I've loved landscape photography since about the year 2000, but it has taken many years of learning the craft before I could allow myself to be called a photographer, let alone an artist. I now see that, like life, there will always be more to learn, things to improve, and new adventures to be had, which is a large part of the joy of it.

At the moment I'm living in the beautiful Hinterland of the Gold Coast, Australia. Many people see the Gold Coast as a tourist spot lacking on soul, but I see it as a place surrounded by gorgeous green National Parks, miles of sparkling white beaches next to a turquoise ocean and a community becoming more conscious and soulful every day.

I get to live on an acre and a half that I share with all sorts of wildlife, in a place of warm weather and much sunshine, while only being 10 mins drive from the largest shopping centre on the Coast and 20 mins drive to the mountains in one direction and various beaches in another. It's the best of both worlds and I count myself very lucky!

Above everything else it's my wish that you'll love this moment – embracing the here and now, whatever it holds for you.

Artist Statement

Lisa Frost taking photos at Currumbin Beach

My goal as an artist is to inspire, uplift and bring joy. My art is vibrant and rich, whilst also being authentic and real, and I aim for it to enhance your connection with nature and spirit, and to bring a sense of peace and space.

I love exploring both the tiny and the magnificent, the simple and the profound. It is as joyful to me to discover an unusual moth on a leaf that I might have walked past dozens of time without noticing it, as it is to experience the awe of a blazing sunrise over a grand vista.

I always attempt to convey my experience, emotions and vision as honestly as I can. Photographically I wish for the end result to be more aligned with how I saw and experienced the subject than with how the camera sees it – which can be quite different due to a camera's limitations in comparison with our amazing vision.

I often carefully combine multiple exposures of the same scene taken seconds apart so I can more accurately show all of the details from the deepest shadows through to the brightest highlights. Sometimes I'll also combine images into a panorama to display a much wider view than any lens can capture.

With the exception of panoramas I like to compose in-camera, so I rarely crop a landscape image. I occasionally crop images of special subjects like insects or animals to square if I feel that format better suits the subject.

Lisa Frost taking photos at Currumbin Beach

I really enjoy shooting at sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk, not only for the wonderful light possible at these times, but also because of the uniqueness of it. Until it happens you just never know what colours will appear, and I love that regardless of whether it was spectacular or subtle there will never again be a sunrise or sunset exactly like the one I just witnessed.

I don't restrict myself to only these times however, as I'm a strong believer in making the most of the conditions presented rather than continually returning to the same place in the attempt to make the "perfect" photo, which I think is ultimately futile as I don't believe there is such a thing as perfect art, only art which is perfect for each of us – art which we love. In saying that I do enjoy returning to locations to find new perspectives or subjects I've never seen before.

I mostly enjoy capturing natural scenes and rarely include man-made objects. I don't combine photographs other than for panoramas or multiple exposures as described above. For example, the sky you see in one of my photographs is the sky you'd have seen if you'd been there with me that day. I never add things to scenes and rarely remove anything – when I do it will be something minor like a distracting twig, sign, powerlines or some other man-made object that is out of place. If possible I do attempt to not include them in the frame in the first place!

I now use a full-frame DSLR for all my landscapes, though I've also used crop-sensor and film SLRs in the past. 99% of the time I will use a tripod, as it ensures the sharpest shots, allows me to take exact multiple-exposures, and also slows me down to ensure I consider my composition fully.

My goal when I go out to create photographs is to produce one single image from the outing I am truly proud of and wish to work on. This keeps me focused and slows me down, rather than attempting to "capture it all" and then not doing justice to any of it. I may end up with more than one beautiful image from an outing (or none!) but that is not my goal.

I enjoy taking photographs within an hour or so drive of where I live, and I'm always on the lookout and doing research to find new locations and perspectives. I've no interest in copying the work of other photographers – I always want my vision to be purely mine, which is why when I was first learning photography I resisted doing any courses, because I didn't want to be influenced by others ideas of how I "should" photograph while I was new and impressionable. I do like to learn new techniques from others, and you can always learn to see in new ways by looking at the work of others, but I'd find it incredibly boring to attempt to replicate another's work.

I believe there is no end to what you can learn in art, and there will always be new locations, subjects, experiences, techniques and perspectives to explore, and it's my goal to keep on growing and refining my art.

I'm committed to creating art of the highest quality, from taking a photograph or writing a poem through all of the processes involved in ending up with a physical product; I just don't feel fulfilled if it's not all of the highest quality.

I'm very interested in exploring the spiritual side of our nature and that of the world we live in, and I feel this comes through all aspects of my art. I also feel that being a woman in an area (fine art landscape photography) dominated by men gives me a different perspective – one where I aim to show the perfection of now rather than attempting to make or wait for the "perfect" moment. I have no desire to suffer for my art, but rather for it to be a place where I can both find and express joy. For me it is centering and meditative, taking me away from my mind and into my heart – into my connection with all that is and the present moment.

I aim to be positive in all my creations, even in the case of expressing grief and loss. I personally believe there is always something which serves us – which is for our highest and greatest good – that can be taken from even the most painful experience, and the core goal of my art and my life is to find and share the positive and beautiful wherever I find it.

Wishing you peace and joy!

With love,


My Purpose

My purpose is to bring love, light and joy through my beautiful creations

Giving Back

I proudly support Opportunity International, who are a non-profit organisation using a business approach to solve the problem of poverty. Rather than a hand-out, they provide people living in poverty with access to microfinance services to help them start or grow their own small business.

As each business grows, loans are paid back and lent out again. Each successful business feeds a family, employs more people and eventually helps to empower and transform an entire community, so creating a sustainable solution to poverty.

Opportunity International

Top 3 Philosophies

  1. The time to be happy is now.
  2. The key to happiness is being true to yourself – following your heart and doing what you love.
  3. Trust that somehow everything is perfect. It may look like a complete mess now, but one day it will all make perfect sense. Have the faith to surrender to the perfection of what is.

In The Field

This photo of me was taken at Fingal Head while I was capturing the frames that ended up as the image below.

Lisa Frost at Fingal Head

This is an example of where I needed to combine multiple exposures in order to capture the entire tonal range in the scene – from the brightness of the sun through to the dark of the rocks.

Giants Causeway at Sunrise, Fingal Head, Australia

Thank You

Many thanks to Jenni Lorraine and Christen Zielinski for taking most of the photos of me out and about.


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