lifescape: an art form conveying the beauty and vibrancy of life
photography: the art of capturing light in order to dipict the world in delicious new ways
poetry: the art of composing verse to express deep emotional truths
philosophy: simple wisdom for filling life with peace and joy

Appreciating the Beauty of Life

Life is beautiful. Too often though beauty goes unseen, or overlooked as of little value. Yet stopping to appreciate the beauty in life uplifts the spirit, bringing us into the present moment and allowing our heart to fill with joy.

Reveling in the beautiful strengthens our connection with nature and each other and brings us in contact with the divine presence of the Universe – that which we call God, the Tao, or more simply, Life. It is life affirming and can inspire compassion and generosity for ourselves, others and our world.

Lifescapes are all about sharing beauty through words and images, and are simple reminders of the joy and wonder of life!

A Word from the Artist

Lisa Frost

My aim is to bring love, light and joy into your world through my artworks. I hope to create a peaceful space for you to simply breath and be; a place for you to step away from stress and reconnect with life.

I love exploring both the simple and the profound, the tiny and the magnificent. I love sharing the beauty I find in the world, and aspire to convey the sense of tranquility and wonder I feel whilst enjoying nature.

I hope you find something here to delight you!

With love,


Recent Works

Sunset panorama at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Long exposure sunset by the ocean at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Sunset looking towards Lanai from Lahaina beach, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Sunset behind the palm trees on Lahaina beach, Maui, Hawaii, USA